“Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” (Matthew 8:26)
Can you imagine how fierce the storm on the Sea Of Galilee must have been to create such fear in the hearts of experienced fishermen? Jesus, having finished an emotionally and physically tiring day, told the disciples to take the boat and go to the other side of the lake. No doubt the disciples who were fishermen probably felt that the lake was safe at night since that was the time when most fishing was done. The rapid and unexpected galls usually moved over the sea in the afternoons as the winds swept down from the mountains. All appeared safe – no fear. As Jesus led his disciples into the boat, he took a position in the boat that allowed him to go to sleep quickly. He was safe and resting in the hands of His Loving Father.
As the boat crossed the lake, a ferocious storm hit the lake and the boat was being tossed about and water was entering the boat. This struck fear in the hearts of the disciples to the point that they deviated from the command of Christ to go to the other shore. When they experienced the overwhelming fear while knowing that Christ was with them showed the lack of faith in Jesus to keep them secure. The storms in our life may be just small ones or they may seem insurmountable. The exercise of faith in Christ is reflected our respond to the storms in our life while serving Christ. We can recognize the fear which is human or we can let fear overwhelm us which reflects our status of one of little faith. When Jesus awoke, he rebuked the disciples for their great fear even while the tempest was still raging.
Then Jesus rebuke the waves. The ferocious storm in their lives became a great calm. Does the calmness (sense of peace) in our life after the storm relate to the fierce of the storm we experience? In Psalms 107: David talked about the refuge that we have in God when our storms of life become boisterous. We will always have storms in our life whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. As we experience each storm in our pathway of service to following and maturing in Christ, Jesus will make sure we get to the other shore. We should not be afraid to launch out into the area in our life that God is leading. They storms will come but our faith will grow. In Palms 107:30, we read, “They rejoiced when the waves grew quiet. Then He guided them to the harbor they longed for”

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