I looked into the deep penetrating eyes of God
And felt all the tenderness of His great love.
Yet those friends that I knew I would not forget
Were not around the righteous throne above.

And I cried out to Jesus so that heard my call
And though I knew he will wipe my every tear
The time of choice for my friend had come and gone
They were not around God’s righteous throne

As I slowly raised my gaze across the chasm
I saw a crowd of people. Some I had known
Marching in front 1, 2 and on — heading into hell
God said, “They are led by one I sent you to tell..”

My mind quickly flashed back to my earthly home –
A neighbor next door I gained as a loving friend
But as our friendship began to grow and zoom
I feared to share with him love of my Saviour kind.

Falling on my knees with humility to God, I did call
“I heard you ask me to go but my strength was weak.”
“My Child” He said “When my Spirit works with all,
You have the gift and strength to meet those I seek.”

My sorrowful heart sank with tears of sadness
God took me in his arms to His great Throne
He wiped my every tear and gave me gladness
Yet, their time for choosing God was gone.

Randal C Smith
Phoenix, Arizona
July, 1998

Edited 11/18/2008

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