The light on the pathways of life are very different and leads to different goals.  When we follow Jesus (accepting and following him as Saviour and Lord) we are walking in His light. When we do not follow him as we take the paths of the world, we are walking blindly out of His light and destined to reach a different goal or destination because we are unaware of our sin.  The light guiding those paths are the light of darkness in the world and lead to destruction.

When we follow the true pathway we are walking in the light that the love of Jesus provides.  The light of Jesus on our pathway shows us our sin (although, blindly, we no longer walk in sin.)  we see the need for forgiveness as he guides us along life’s pathway that leads to eternal life.  The pathway following Christ is smooth in the righteousness of His love (Isaiah 26:7.)  His light becomes our light. King David of the Israel nation as he grew older in age said  Psa 119:105″Your words are a flashlight to light the path ahead of me and keep me from stumbling.   106I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again: I will obey these wonderful laws of yours. (NKJV)

The rich young ruler who talked with Christ did not have what was needed to walk the true pathway – Faith in Jesus Christ our living Saviour.  Have you considered or thought about this?

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